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The idea behind the Singers and Songwriters Collection was not exactly what one might expect, that is, if one were expecting the normal singer-songwriter discs with songs written by the performers. Sure, a lot of the songs on these CDs were in fact written by their performers, but others were written by other songwriters. The focus was on music by "singer-songwriters," but not necessarily doing their own songs. This was true even on the two prototype sets that Time-Life put out in the early 1990s, Singers and Songwriters and Our Songs: Singers & Songwriters Encore. The two prototypes were devoid of liner notes except for the song lists and publishing information. Not so for the later series, which featured extensive liner notes and stories, as well as photos. In addition to 18 volumes in the series, the Singers and Songwriters idea spawned a few more discs for sale in retail stores.

The first direct-mail sales pitch for The Singers and Songwriters Series (far left) offered the usual risk-free audition. To grab attention to the envelope, we are also offered a very-1970s photo of Carly Simon, obviously taken from No Secrets. Later mail offers (near left) were a bit more subdued.

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That was a real seminal record. I think that was the first mature record I ever made. To me when I listen to the first three, that’s a kid. I think Nether Lands was the man growing up. And I think it was musically mature, but also the lyrics finally had some real depth and philosophical strength to them that I’d never had before.

Dan Fogelberg - Hearts And Crafts / Make Love StayDan Fogelberg - Hearts And Crafts / Make Love StayDan Fogelberg - Hearts And Crafts / Make Love StayDan Fogelberg - Hearts And Crafts / Make Love Stay