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135 - Judea Renamed Palestine
During a final Jewish uprising against the Romans (the Bar Kochva Revolt) Jerusalem was once again, for a short, three-year period, under Jewish control. After the Romans' inevitable, crushing victory many hundreds of thousands of Jews were either deported, sold as slaves or killed. The Roman Emperor Hadrian leveled Jerusalem to the ground, and barred Jews from entering the city.

Untitled Film Works is a dynamic production studio with a hunger for telling the untold stories. Founded by cinematographer Abraham Joffe ACS in 2000, he has attracted creatives who share his passion of producing content that challenges perspectives.

After the initial confirmation and announcement trailer in 2013 we then got a teaser trailer and some tantalizing details at E3 in 2014 and even more news and a gameplay trailer at E3 2015. Since then news has been fairly thin on the ground but we’ve collected all of the latest news and rumors and placed it right here for your convenience.

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KINGDOM - UntitledKINGDOM - UntitledKINGDOM - UntitledKINGDOM - Untitled